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Avtron High-Capacity Resistive/Reactive Load Bank

Resistive / Reactive Load Bank



High-Capacity Resistive / Reactive Load Bank

Avtron recently announced the availability of a new and improved very high capacity resistive/reactive load bank. The Avtron model LCV features both resistive and reactive loading in a single containerized unit. This allows testing of AC power systems at less than unity power factor, typically 0.8 p.f. lagging. To achieve a 0.8 power factor, the LCV combines resistive load (KW) with reactive load (KVAR). This combination provides a true test of the actual generator or UPS nameplate rating (KVA) and simulates a "real world" load.

The load bank consists of a rugged ISO style 20 foot container housing the resistive and reactive components, blowers, associated controls and interconnections. The unit has a load capacity rating of 3125 KVA (2500 KW resistive/1875 KVAR reactive) at 480 VAC, 3 phase, 60 Hz (other voltages and frequencies are available). The unit is PLC controlled with a convenient hand-held remote controller. Laptop computer control with data logging also is available as an option. Click here for more information.

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