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Fuel Supply Systems

PRYCO, Inc. has been a worldwide supplier of standby power fuel systems since 1980. Over the years, PRYCO has pioneered and upgraded the fuel systems by listening to customer needs. This has earned them a reputation of being versatile enough to work with customers to fulfill requirements for complex, nonstandard projects.

PRYCO Day Tanks come in three general types: Standard, Manual and Sub-Base. All are available in single or double-wall construction. The Standard and Manual Tanks have the same physical dimensions, but the Manual does not have a mounted pump, motor, float switch or cover. The Standard and the Trim Line tanks have the same standard equipment; however, the Trim Line design has a smaller footprint and is taller.

All PRYCO Day Tanks are fabricated of heavy-gauge steel by certified welders. Each tank complies with NFPA 30 and is tested to 5 psi.


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