25-gallon single wall Manual Day Tank with a Cut-Off Valve
(Option #370)


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Manual Day Tank

PRYCO Manual Day Tanks are similar to Standard Day Tanks, but do not have a pump, motor, and a control system. (Non-U/L Listed Manual tanks also do not have a cover.) Like all of PRYCO’s tanks, they are available in either
a U/L Listed (Label 142, File #MH12807 - Aboveground Tank for Flammable Liquids) or a basic, Non-U/L Listed version.

The U/L Listed tanks include the features listed below in addition to internal reinforcement, an emergency vent properly sized to the tank, and a U/L Listed label.

Standard features of Manual day tanks include:

  • Removable 6½" Square Inspection Plate with Gasket
  • Fuel Level Gauge
  • Four - 1" NPT Threaded Pipe Connections
  • One - 2" NPT Threaded Pipe Connection for Tank Vent
  • Tank Drain (Sized To Tank Capacity)
  • Lift Lugs (on tanks 50 gallons and over)
  • Epoxy coating inside
  • PRYCO (medium) Gray exterior paint (or an industrial color of choice)

PRYCO Tanks are fabricated of heavy gauge steel by certified welders. Each tank complies with NFPA 30 and is tested to 5 psi.

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