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Industrial Battery Chargers

Stored Energy Systems® (SENS) designs and manufactures the industry's leading battery chargers and best battery selectors for genset starting. SENS also offers award-winning battery chargers for switchgear applications requiring higher power and advanced communications features.

All SENS chargers are designed and manufactured in the United States to the highest quality standards, with chargers demonstrating field reliability of over 1 million hours mean time between failure (MTBF).

Product Lineup
The LC battery charger is a a low cost, 3.5A charger for both 12 and 24 volt genset starting applications. It's ideal for most small gensets, and is particularly popular for mobile unit application.

The MicroGenius® 150 is the world's most advanced genset charger for both 12 and 24 volt starting systems. It's available in both 6 and 10 amp versions. All
MicroGenius 150's feature Dynamic Boost™, which safely charges batteries faster and more completely than any other charger in the same power range. NFPA 110 compliant alarms and displays are available.

The EnerGenius® NRG 4-rate battery chargers have become the industry standard for genset starting in their class. Like the MicroGenius 150, the NRG10 and NRG20 help prevent the No. 1 problem with generator sets: failure to start. EnerGenius NRG detects installation errors, adjusts in the field to different inputs, and prevents "fried" electronics.

EnerGenius IQ is a totally automated, dual-microprocessor controlled battery charger that extends the life of your battery systems and helps monitor the entire DC system. IQ's are proven workhorses with thousands installed in high-end genset starting and switchgear applications. With its standard black-box recorder and optional Modbus communications, the IQ is a perfect fit for demanding high-availability installations such as datacenters.

SENS BBS-1600 and BBS-4800 are best battery selectors that complement the SENS charger line. BBS's are used in high availability applications with redundant battery / charging systems.

To view SENS products, use the chart below to select the volts and current required for your application. Or click here to complete a SENS Data Sheet to receive a detailed proposal. If you have questions or wish to place an order, email or call 800-466-8151


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